Brighinda-healingsounds offers ‘healing’ by means of holistic therapies and consciousness-raising.

You are welcome as well just to raise your energy-level or to relax. And only receiving information about what is beautiful in you, or/and receiving your Essence Name(see for more explanation – Essence Name,and ‘ Healing Dream/Oracle-images’) more insight on your path (for instance by means of the Oracle/Short Advice )of life is possible…….

‘Healing’ (or to cure) is ‘being whole’again, or anyway coming closer to it, one step or more coming closer to the union with the beautiful core within yourself. Healing is here ‘holistic healing’, this means that not only the physical body is treated but your emotional-, mental- and life-essences as well, so that your core being can express itself more and more fully. This also means not only dealing with the symptoms but searching and dealing with the cause of a dis-balance as well (and this takes priority)…only in this case a lasting cure is possible , I think.

Not being whole can express itself f.i. by means of illness, not feeling alright, depression,being unhappy, problems within relations,maladjustements etc. …we are all on our way towards ‘being whole’. So it is good to work on that for all of us, and sometimes it is appropriate to ask for some help on that way.
And we also might receive some help just in a natural path towards being more whole, in processes of growth and raising our consciousness.

My devices of assistance are given in the following therapies

** Therapies offered by Brighinda **

*The word

* in the form of Song(Sound)Therapy : during one large hour you are bathing in the healing sounds/vibrations of song, light and crystal singing bowls (while you are lying/resting comfortably on a mattress)
* in the form of Alphabet Mudra’s (alphabeth dance and intuïtive movement)
* in the form of Affirmations
* in the form of Healing Dream/Oracle Images

* Lighttherapy
* Inspiration/Information
* Aura Soma
* Plant Essences (f.i. Bachflower Remedies)
* Crystals
* Reflexology

** These therapies are present in the following offers : **


* A Profound Healing Journey
* A Song/Crystal Bowl – Healingsession
* An Open Song/Crystal Bowl Concert
* An AlphabetMudra – Healingsession
* A Healing Dream/Oracle Story
* An Oracle/Short Advice – concerning :

questions of your heart
supporting remedies
what the love of the soul, inner peace, mindfulness can offer in relationships, in being in “inner peace”

* An Oracle/Transformation Game
* An Essence Name Document
* Free Distant Healing
* An Open Course ‘ Healing Yourself (and others) by means of OvertoneSong,Sound and Movement’
* A Course Overtoning/Movement – individual, on demand
* An Open Course ‘ Love of the Soul/Mindfulness’
* Worldmeditation/-thoughts
* Energy of the Seasons – Party
* Gift Token
* CD
* Book
* Support Dance

In the process of choosing and using my instruments, I receive the guidance and inspiration of my intuition and my guides. The focus of this assistance is sound, word and light. This sound- and light(color)therapy is effective in al kinds of areas of diseases, unbalances, disturbances…because it works by means of our chakrasystem, a subtil system that is in contact with all our ‘parts’.
The Healing Dream/Oracle Images are also very important in this assortment.

These therapies are offered in my practice or by means of the technique ‘ distant-healing ‘.

I find it wonderful when we can come to a point that you no longer need me, or when the point of self-healing is attained. I namely belief strongly in the fact that everyone knows for him(her)self what is excellent for him(her) and knows better how, whom he(she) ‘is’ , essentially. Initially it is we, the self – or better mentioned, the divine power of healing or the universal healing principle in our inner self – that is allowing and accomplishing our healing.
Therefore I see it as my task to be a ‘catalyst’ and I mainly want to help you to get more insight in yourself and your processes. And I want to offer you tools to achieve this.