Essence name

In my trainig for becoming a soundhealer I did meet the “singing of one’s name” as an instrument to heal. Actually your name(Personal name) is a ‘mantra’ as well : the name is connecting with the qualities (soulqualities), energy contained in it. We receive our Personal Name at the moment of birth and this name has a strong connection with the task en challenges ahaid, with the purpose of our life here on Earth This name is connecting us strongly with the qualities we want to develop and we want then to offer to the world

A task for me , together with my guides, is to connect people with their ‘blueprint’, their ‘star’…o.a. therefore I receive the Essence Name of people. My guides are calling this Essence Name the El-Ei-name(El-Eihv), the star-name, ‘tender blueprint’ name.
This is an energy that belongs to the spiritual part of our reality (what the year and its seasons concerns this energy is similar to the period of the winter-spring queen, a period between winter and spring – imbolcperiod…where we are so to speak still in the womb °°°from the point of vieuw of spirit, this period belongs to the spiritual cycle of our lives, the world of ideas and yet in this period the very first ‘form’ is appearing, the blueprint of forms in the womb of mother nature, being between seed and developing plant°°° to be born then in the spring equinox-point….in this point the fysical cycle of our lives is beginning
In the spring-equinox-point, representing the birth-energy, we receive our Personal Name…and qualities we have yet to become. At the moment of budding of this flower it’s there …the Personal Name, in the period of opening (represented by the summer-solstice-point/period)

We receive the Personal Name in the period of completion of the blueprint, the Essence Name is connected to the period of the ‘tender blueprint’, an energy still more one with the original ‘idea,plan’

Is this name’s purpose (one among others) to help us to remember our ‘tender blueprint’ to stay at course ?? because it contains ourselves as an idea still more in its original form. Must it help us to remember that we are always also/too that beautiful ‘star’, core in us…this gives selfconfidence and courage ??
This blueprint is a very first tender form, and at the same time a very first tender spirit seed…a new form comes in existance(not really fysical yet) and spirit begins to withdraw. Here is our ‘plan’ contained, still strongly fused with the ‘idea’ – that we are too. It is really the star in us…what this means still further…I’m not ready to tell more about it, maybe later. To connect with this name is a bit connecting oneself with one’s original,pure ‘plan’ very one still with your spiritual part.
This ‘star’ is often called ‘the well’, source. So it is connecting with one’s source too…to refresh, to be reborn ????

Instead of Essence Name I also use the term ‘Songname’ because this name is only a ‘syllable’, it is a kind of ‘vowelmantra’. It’s called Songname too because one of the intentions of passing it on, is for people to sing this name (and/or recite this name)..this helps to become more one with it. It makes your connection with your wise core more strongly and this results in being more ‘in harmony, in balance’ .
I also receive a longer name, that is more like a Personal Name. And sometimes it is completely like a Personal Name. This name is expressing a quality, maybe a ‘specialty’ part of the Songname

In the past the ‘word’ was sacred(in some circles it still is), and also a Personal Name was regarded as sacred : I recite some statements from the book “ the book of the voice” to make you ‘feel’ this :

“ A Personal Name was not chosen arbitrarily because he meant much more then assumed at first sight, the choice of a personal name was interwoven with the conviction that life obeys the cycle of birth,death and rebirth”

“ There is an indication, a category of words that possessed a magical significance to all the people everywhere on earth : the Personal Name of a human. With many people the Personal Name is still very special because it is directly connected to the Person. The name ‘is” the person and therefore is not readily reveiled. The Inuit (Eskimo’s) are of the opinion that body,soul and name make up a human completely”

“Tell me your true name, because he who will be called by his true name shall live”

I prefer to pass on this name in a ‘document’ :

in it I interpret the name and situate it on a tree of life ( with as a source an original Egyptian Tarot of Initiation, also a situating on the tree of Runes appears in this document)
Also meaning and situating on the tree of life (the one mentioned above and still other ‘tree’s of life’) of the Personal Name and longer Essence Name is present in the document. And one is receiving all kind of copies who describe qualities connected to these names. I prefer to pass it on this way, not for ‘money’ but/and because when I only pass on the name , pure, on its own and the archetype(on the tree) belonging to the name , in this case, you only have a narrow sight of the name and of the energies/qualities it contains. I do find some more information about, some wider vieuw on this name important because one should be able to connect stronger to this name and to the wise core within it. Also this results in more consciousness and knowledge about oneself.
I also prefer to pass it on this way because I find it a pity when I can’t give all the wonderful treasures contained in the name…also because then I can give the pronounciation more accurate. It is possible passing it on pure, on it’s own but/and this feels not ‘complete’ to me.

For those who want still more ‘connection’ and information concerning this name I offer additional(beside the document) a Dream/Oracle Short Story that recounts in an image-form about the name (and this story is connecting one stronger with the name too)

I didn’t find out yet how the name and it’s energy is related to ‘the zodiac,astrology’…any way these sounds/syllabes are part of a 21 archetypes – system, on the tree of life I’m working with. The zodiac is a 12-part system…or are these sounds part of an eight-system(and 24)….the number of vowels of the Sanskriet alphabet present in the blueprintchakra/throatchakra(important energy center in the throat)…because these sounds are like often ‘vowelmantra’s ???Also when I receive more a ‘consonant’ mainly for a person, there is always some vowel present too…

And in a Song/Crystal Bowl session I talk about the Essence Name, and I often pass it on, that name(on its own)…not to seduce people to ask more…but because I am convinced so strongly about the healing qualities of this name. It helps to ‘develop’…towards our wise,beautiful core
So I mention that more information about this name can be given, because people should know this…the possibility of more information …

Tarif : The name on its own : free
What are the prices for reading. I ask 11 Euro/hour for this…an explanation with situating on a tree of life of the Song Essence Name, reading of Personal Name and longer Essence Name…this takes easily four hours, it can be less…it varies between 22 and 44 Euro (but it is often 44 Euro)
When I add a Dream/Oracle Short Story about the name (in the case of a name it is often more a set of images instead of a ‘story’) to go in depth about it dan the price, total, is 66 Euro.
All this can be passed on by e-mail, mail or during a conversation…In a conversation there is some additional explanation about the document because people should understand things better…but this takes time …so there is a contribution required therefore…in that case the total becomes 55 or 77 Euro

General Remark going with the tarifs :
My base price is 12-13 Euro/hour but/and often I spend more hours at a certain offer, more then I charge….because I am often some kind of volunteer(not always but often). I talk about this fact because people should have some awareness about the real value of some offers.
Further I find it important that each one can receive what he/she needs, no matter what kind of income they have. Therefore the price is negotiable…when it ‘really’ is not possible to pay the price asked for…and each one decides this for himself , in harmony with his/her conscience. But when it really is not possible please don’t hesitate to negotiate for a discount (even nothing can when one’s situation is very difficult).
What the disbelievers is concerned : those one’s too deside for themselves , in harmony with their conscience, if they are really a disbeliever or not.