Oracle / Short advice

Beside the Healing Dream/Oracle Images and their advice/insights, that I often offer in the profound healing-journey I now provide an Oracle/Short Advice. This advice comes from a mix of Oracle-Images (that I receive by means of intuïtion/channeling), Oracle-Cards(f.i. the Tarot Oracle), intuïtive skills and my experience in the field of nonviolent communication, the love of the soul, my experience in dealing with emotions by means of ‘attention’(a kind of ‘mindfulness’ from the Chinese medicine-source), my search in the field of the science of ‘spirit’.
‘Short’ is relatively…I mean shorter than the advice provided in the profound healing-journey. But/and it can be really short – that depends upon f.i. the question, etc.

This advice wants to provide a ‘support, movement further on your way, more clarity’ in all kind of ‘questions of the heart’, questions on our path, in our processes.

What are ‘questions of the heart’ ? Our deeper questions, longings of the heart, etc about f.i. matters of relationships, our path, work,urges,desires,conflicts,aspirations, emotional life, dreams, growth, consciousness-expansion,luck,being at peace or not…and so on

The part ‘Oracle-Cards’ can look like fortune-telling but/and it is more a ‘wise’ advice,answer – see below what I mean by that. And the oracle-cards are only a part of this advice and sometimes they are not part of it. The whole advice : it is some kind of Oracle : an Oracle is a connection with the world of our wise core, soul, guides, etc (by means of oracle-images, oracle-cards, intuïtion, channeling // not only oracle-cards, and regularly by means of no oracle cards// and depending on the question I will choose for one or more ways of receiving answers).
And the connection is made to receive answers, “wise advices” (from the universe) Wise advices : °°they call them in some official source explaining the term ‘oracle’.°°
Often people ask for future outcomes when they are stuck, afraid, when they don’t know how to go further, when they are discontented….beside another kind of questions.
And an oracle is answering all those questions but it mainly wants to support, helping further…it goes about ‘wise’ advices , that means that it will want to give insights in your question, yourself and in the situation at hand so that you can deal with it in a wise/loving way. It wants to restore discontentment/disbalance/being stuck and to work on positive results.

And it is not offering some ready-made answers because actually a ‘wise’ advice wants to help to come (more) in touch with one’s own ‘inner wisdom’. But/and it offers support and answers !!

Beside answers and advices this advice regularly also contains inspiration, information and in some cases a ‘healing’ support can appear too in the form of recommending a crystal or a plant-essence .

Finally my experience in the field of nonviolent communication, the love of the soul and mindfulness/dealing with emotions(in a Chinese medicine-way) can be of help in the case of questions concerning relations and ‘inner peace’.