Free distant healing

Specific for Brighinda is the technique ‘distant healing ‘. When it is not possible to come together ‘physical’ for a sound/light-session, or when you just prefer distant healing than it can happen in this way. And distant healing just by means of offering light and love is possible too.

Just like in the case of ‘fysical healing’ , the “healthy frequencies” – in the form of tones/light and mantra’s – are offered and the sound/lightfrequencies of your energy centres, connected with all the fysical parts of your body, resonating with these frequencies will be induced , they will come about to vibrate too …so one of the important principles of soundhealing(and healing with light) – resonance – is valid here too. The same is true for the other principles of soundhealing mentioned in the explanation ‘song/soundtherapy’ (therapies).
Energy is offered, it is not about ‘sending’ energy. And you choose to experience these frequencies or not.
These frequencies also have particles with a high “quantum-level”, that means that they operate beyond space and time, and that’s why ‘distant healing’ is possible.
What about results ? The same principles mentioned – just below the frame about distant healing, in the general explanation when you click on soundtherapy, are playing here as well.

The distant healing, on its own, is always free. Additional information and advice, therefore a contribution is required.

In the case of a distant healing, information, advice, a conversation can be offered by means of e-mail, telephone and post.

There is a possibility to participate more activily in a distant healing. You can ‘tune in’ with me (in your mind/soul) while the distant healing is taking place..and you can choose for just a connection in the form of ‘thinking about it’ when the healing takes place and linking with me in your mind or you can choose for a real ‘distant healing session’ . In that case you maybe can lay down like in a real physical session for an hour while you connect with me in your mind and you maybe can support the relaxation/being in peace-atmosphere that can strengthen the healing with some relaxing music.
When you choose for some participation in the healing event then it is necessary to make an appointment. This form of distant healing is ‘free’ as well.

It is also possible to ask for support for other persons (In that case I always ask for permission from the Essence of this person)
Here and when a person is asking for support for him/herself , like mentioned below I also ask that the person will get the support that is best for his/her highest good, support that will serve his/her Essence


Further I am a participant of the energyline “Powercircle” founded by Jo Mattens.

This energyline is a group of people who are sending energy towards a person in need or a certain difficult situation on Earth, this in connection and with trust in the Source.

This means that I can ask this group for support as well, if you should want this. In this case energy of a whole group is offered.
You can ask the group for support for other persons too. But here you only can ask for a support , serving the highest good , serving the Essence of this person (so you let the Universe and the Essence of this person decide what kind of support they will receive)